Amino is a social networking platform where people can create or join the communities of things they are passionate about. In the application’s store page, Amino is selling themes and stickers for their users to decorate their posts and chatrooms, but it seems hard to promo those sticker on their current layout arrangement. They are looking for na efficient way to engage their users more on using these stickers and themes.


Based on the current design, I’m redesigning the UI and interaction to do these three things:

  1. Making the store more attractive to the user 

  2. Encouraging users to make more purchases through improved design 

  3. Making the store easier to understand and navigate


Research and discovery

After investigating the what other Apps are doing great in selling the stickers, I think LINE (messaging app) is a great precedent to look at. Here are some facts about this company and we can see how successful they specially in selling stickers.

  • Based in japan

  • 1 billion downloads

  • 217 million monthly active users globally (2017)

  • Key messaging app in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia

  • Line stickers generated $71 million in 2017

From the research I found that they know their female users make the majority of sticker purchases, so they are producing more cute content to target the female audience. They also market their stickers with holidays, current events and hot topics. They are so successful that they can sell merch of their own characters and open the physical stores around the world.

Here are couple examples of hot topic stickers:


Now let’s look at how they arrange their content in their sticker shop. From the picture below, we can see how they give different entries for users to explore, and the display is never a random list of stickers, it is curated carefully around the popularity, hot topics and recommendations. Since Amino is an app about people’s interests and passions, we can certainly do better on this base on the data we can collect.


I also look at what other succesful companies curate their content products. We can see some similarities on how they organize the categories and promotions. Using hierarchy to show what an audience cares the most is always the key to make them stay and explore longer.

Current Amino Store Design

Now look back at the current design, we can see the disadvantages of it more clearly.



Based on what I founds from other apps, I came up with 2 options. The option 1 has an extra page to separate each product into their own tabs, so different products can be curated more specifically without looking messy. The option 2, however, allows users to browse the products right away, thought it might look messy and hard to market the content later on.

Option 1


Option 2


Pros and cons of 2 options:

Option 1

  • Product-specific sections

  • Easier to make the product-based promotions

  • Easier to navigate

  • Need one more step to get into the product pages

  • Lost the opportunity to show hero image

Option 2

  • Users can see the relevant content image (hero) immediately 

  • Users can browse the products right away

  • Show different products in the ranking chart which increase the visibility across products

  • Not easy to navigate 

  • Hard to extend in the future

Visual Mock-up

After the careful consideration on both options, I decided to use the option 1 to do the visual mock-up since it’s a better long-term solution considering there will be more kinds of products to sell in the future.


Mock-up Breakdown



Now let’s compare the new design with the old one, we can see a better use of the space, and it’s always showing relevant contents to the viewers.


Next & Future

To keep on improving the store experience, here are the most crucial things:

  • Good stores need good content operation.

  • Update the layout frequently to stay relevant and fresh.

  • Quantity research: Analyzing the users’ buying behaviors by collecting user data. 

  • Quality research: Conduct user research to understand why/when/how they use stickers.