WhatsCall is a free international phone call app. It is a call enhancer with a telephone recorder and options to clock callers, which stops phone fraud/harassment calls and records any voice phone call. The app intends for anyone who needs to make international calls at little to no cost.

My Role

As the UIUX designer, I was in charge of creating the flow map, wireframing and the visual design for the app. I worked closely with product managers, engineers and user researchers to make sure we stay on the same page and deliver on time.


The Problem

In many underdeveloped countries with lower internet coverage, people has needs to make international calls to carry out some tasks or get in contact with others but many of them can’t or don’t want to afford the expensive fee.

Our Solution

Our strategy for this problem is unconventional. We sell ads on our APP and ask our users to watch those ad videos to earn the phone credits in order to use the credits to make international calls. We serve as a middle person among user, ad companies and phone providers.


Flow Map


Development: UX Wireframe


Visual Design

WhatsCall is an alternative option for users to make phone calls, so we wanted to make the action as intuitive as possible by replicating the embedded app. Using limited illustrations to guide the user to allow accessibility, we retained most of the original interface for iOS system.


The credit tab should be the most eye-catching screen. In this step, we need to show the user how to earn credits and list out all the options for that. We intended to make this page more colorful than the others, so it lifts up the pressure of earning and created a sense of playfulness to it.



Feedback & Next Step

The app was originally intended for anyone who needs to make international calls at little to no cost, but our market research revealed that the app us significantly used by Syrian refugees. As a result, we focused on improving localization and usability for non-English speakers. In the meantime, we are also seeking a way to work with some charity organizations.