Smash Brickz is a casual game that aims to be a stress releaser for the light game players. Simply take aim and smash the way through hundreds of levels with our easy-to-play game mechanics. Level design with dynamic environments from the ice blocks that freeze your ball in its tracks in the Glaciers, to the multiplying magma blocks in the Volcano.

My Role

As the visual designer, I worked on figuring out and designing the main flow of the app. I also worked with our artist creating the interface that is align with the theme of our game. Apart from the look and feel, I worked with engineer making sure our level design is reasonable, and identifying the bug before the weekly release.



Flow Map

When we were at the early stage of developing the game, we wanted to make sure we cover enough features to set us up for a good start. Here I came up with a basic flow that gave us a basic road map of the game.


Basic Gameplay Testing


Style/Theme Exploration

While the artist focused on creating heavy illustrations such as splash screens, backgrounds, different level explorations, I was able to follow the style and created most UI elements on my own, that includes all the power items, the map, shop items, icons, dialogs and prompts.


UI Elements

Power Items listed below

Power Items listed below

Joystick control

Joystick control